Your very first backup is a full backup and therefore this will take the longest time to run compared to your subsequent daily backups. Once your first back is complete though, your daily backups should complete within a couple of hours i.e. daily.

There is really no easy way to calculate how long the first backup will take as it comes down to quite a few factors, just like how long will it take to sail from A to B? Some Xero organisations have taken a couple of weeks, some even longer, but most small Xero organisations complete within a couple of days.

Factors to consider are how many records do you have in each Xero table of accounts, there are more than a dozen tables, for example your Receivables and Payables, your Bank Accounts and your Customers and Suppliers etc. If you are using Xero’s ability to store attachments, you are also going to need to allow time to back these up.

Xero also limits the amount of requests for data in a 24hr period. Once you hit the limit, controlc have to wait until the next day to pickup where it left off.

If you think your first backup is taking way too long, then you should contact us at support.controlc.co.nz and we will look into it for you and let you know its progress.

Hope that helps.

While your data is safe in “the cloud”, we all know the unforeseen can happen, and we all know we should have a secure copy of our precious data somewhere. Any business advisor would say that it is good business practice. We store your data securely in locally (New Zealand) based data centres. With controlc you can download any of your data at any time. You can also have access to any attachments that have been stored in Xero.

With backapp you can then create easy to view reports and easily and quickly search for all sorts items in your Xero data.

You may like to read the other articles in our FAQ’s about storing financial records off shore.

Users of any computing services, whether local or in the cloud, should be aware of their applicable tax legislation obligations when retaining business records in electronic form.

Backups are an important part of your business and offer contingency when things go wrong.

To learn more about this topic, please read Xero’s ‘Terms of Use’…


When using controlc ltd, you are dealing directly with a 100% New Zealand owned company. We are here to serve you and make sure you have uninhibited access to ‘your’ data.

We have a phone line that you can call as well as online chat available and are more than happy to meet people in person should the need arise. We have an open door policy and do not hide behind an ’email only’ contact.

If you are based in the United Kingdom, we have a representative and re-seller available to assist you locally.

Your data is held in two secure commercial data centres, the primary is based in Wellington and the secondary data centre in Auckland. Both data centres employ backup power supplies, redundant data communications connections, environmental controls (e.g., air conditioning, fire suppression) and various security features such as ‘biometrics’ and ‘mantraps’ with 24/7 monitoring.
  1. Firstly subscribe to the FREE 14 day trial.
  2. Once Subscribed you will be guided to add a Xero organisation to be backed up. NOTE: You can add as many Xero Organisations as you like. Watch this video.
  3. Wait for your first backup to complete. This may take only one night to backup depending on your amount of data. Some Xero Organisations could take up to a week to backup, depending on the amount of attachments they have. If you think it is taking a long time, please let us know and we will investigate.
  4. Once complete, please login and download your successful backup to your local device. Watch this video.
  5. Download backapp to view and search your backed up Xero data file. Watch this video.

Any question, please email us. We are here to help.

Apart from being the only product on the market of its kind and very good value for money, here’s some other great things about controlc-logo-low and  :

  • We backup your data every 24hrs
  • Your data is downloaded to your office directly, not via email, which can have issues
  • We enable you to see ALL data available to us on an ongoing basis
  • We backup any attachments added to an invoice at the time of creation
  • Backups are saved in the cloud for easy access in the future
  • We offer several data formats (such as XML, XSLX or CSV), but if you use our FREE App, , you can export the data in many other common formats too
  • Also, with , you are able to easily view, search and report on any of the data transferred from Xero
  • Our On-Demand downlaods allow you to get the latest data when you need it
  • We store the data in a data centre local to you, in the same country as you. You can download any backup from your history for you to store or work with using 
Yes, you can go back to the day your first back up was successfully completed.  This means you essentially have an unlimited archive of all your daily backups that are accessible to you any time you need them.
The ‘Enterprise’ plan is designed for companies that have large amounts of attachments in their Xero data.  If in doubt, we suggest you try the ‘Classic’ plan to start with and you can always upgrade to the ‘Enterprise’ plan if you need it.