As a ‘Xero Partner’, and your clients ‘Financial and Business Advisors’ you should be aware of your client’s obligations in ensuring their data is backed up, and held within country if required.

Some accountants use the Control-c solution on their clients Xero data as an in-house solution for piece of mind, data integrity, and to meet legal obligations. While others use Control-c as a value-add service offering incremental revenue and a near data-insurance solution. Some use Control-c for both.


Why do I need backups? Is my data not safe in the cloud?

While your data is safe in “the cloud”, we all know the unforeseen can happen, and we all know we should have a secure copy of our precious data somewhere. Any business advisor would say that it is good business practice. We store your data securely in (New Zealand based) data centres. With Control-c you can download any of your data at any time. You can also have access to any attachments that have been stored in Xero.

With backapp you can then create easy to view reports and easily and quickly search for all sorts items in your Xero data.

You may like to read the other articles in our FAQ’s about backing up Xero and storing financial records in the cloud.


Are there any legal requirements that I should be aware of when storing my financial records in the cloud?

Users of any computing services, whether local or in the cloud, should be aware of their applicable tax legislation obligations when retaining business records in electronic form.

Backups are an important part of your business and offer contingency when things go wrong.


What does Xero have to say about backing up your data?

To learn more about this topic, please read Xero’s ‘Terms of Use’…


Would you like to know more about how you can help to protect your clients Xero data?

Please contact controlc to discuss a tailored plan to suit your client base.  Freecall 0800 102 911 in New Zealand, or +64 21 536831 internationally.