What’s it all about?

Apart from being very low cost, here is a quick list of some of the great features…

With a copy, comes control

While Xero is a great tool, we want to make it even more efficient and reliable for you and your business.

controlc is a new and exciting product from a company based in Auckland, New Zealand, that gives you added control of your Xero accounting package by giving you the ability to take control and take a copy.

It is a simple, easy to use back up solution that provides backups from Xero. We all know that the world isn’t perfect and that we need to back up our data to prepare for the worst case scenario.

controlc is unique is in that your data is downloaded to New Zealand owned and based data centres, with the option to download to your Office server, PC or Apple Mac, therefore you are not reliant on the shortcomings of email to deliver it to you. Stored locally and easily accessible whenever you need it and all versions right back to when you first started the service. Once downloaded, you don’t even have to be online.

controlc also comes with a FREE app backapp which enables you to view, search and report on your Xero data. Powerful searching allows you to locate transactions quickly and easily across all you backed up Xero data.

It’s so so easy to use and you will quickly wonder what your business did without it!