What’s it all about?

Ever found yourself on the Xero Business Community and read,

“Is there a way to export all of the data that you have entered into Xero? Not just the chart of accounts, but everything,”

only to find similar official replies from Xero:

“We don’t completely ignore this from within Xero – there just isn’t a one-click option to export out a copy of all your data.”

While some Xero data could be accessed, Control-C know that the format and the ability to use this data is very limited.

So Control-C was built with you in mind, apart from being very low cost, here is a quick list of some of the great features…

With a copy, comes control

Control-C is a great way to safeguard against the “uncontrollable” events in life. In a world where we’re all future proofing our businesses.
control c limited is a company based in Auckland, New Zealand, that gives you added control of your financial data stored with Xero.

Control-C is unique is in that your data is downloaded to New Zealand owned and based data centres, with the option to sync to third party cloud storage providers or automatically download to your Office server, or locally as a standalone on your PC or Apple Mac. You are not reliant on the shortcomings of email to deliver your backed up data to you. Easily accessible whenever you need it, with all the versions right back to when you first started the service. Once downloaded, you don’t even have to be online.

Control-C also comes with a FREE app backapp which enables you to view, search and report on your Xero data. Powerful searching allows you to locate transactions quickly and easily across all you backed up Xero data.

It’s so so easy to use and you will quickly wonder what your business did without it!