About Us

ControlC is a solution to a growing problem: data security in the cloud age.

Campbell Green

With more than 25 years of experience in IT, Campbell has a background in engineering and infrastructure with Unisys, IT support services for Telecom, networking and consultancy for KPMG, global analyst for the Bank of Bermuda, and database design and web development for one of the leading Architectural companies of Europe, Nicholas Grimshaw & Partners.
After these years working in some of the world’s leading global companies, Campbell forged his own New Zealand based business in Backup and Disaster Recover before successfully being acquired by the NASDAQ traded giant ‘J2 Global’. Campbell recognised an opportunity to utilise his knowledge and expertise to develop ControlC, as the founder and CTO.

Kent Dapiere

Joining ControlC in 2016 primarily as the Sales & Marketing Director, Kent brings more than 10 years of IT sales and distribution experience and also contributes a strong technical understanding of IT. He has product managed global brands such as Symantec, Linksys/Cisco, and Asus. Kent has also been Country Manager of NETGEAR for 5 years, developing their networking and backup/storage business into a credible solution across New Zealand’s diverse IT spectrum. Kent’s interest and experience lies in delivering data integrity, backup and disaster recovery to all businesses.